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Player disappeared after model reimport


I made some minor change on my Player's 3D model in Blender (moved hair little bit because of skull shining through it), imported to Unity and my Player disappeared when I'm in the Play mode.

When I put just the model into the scene, it's working, model is visible (even if I put Animator onto it, it has clean animation), everything is fine.

But my Player prefab in Resources folder is not visible when I open the prefab!? Every component on it is same, I can move with it in Play mode, interact etc. but there are nothing visible (like when you turn off mesh renderer component).

Imported without errors, applied all transforms in Blender, tried aroud twenty things to solve this, but it's not working.

I have all the current stable versions of all softwares and AC.

  • player is still tagged and selected in the settings manager
  • no other objects tagged as player in the scene
  • no warnings or errors

Any suggestions please?

Maybe reimport GameEngine prefab? But how?



  • If you drop the prefab into a fresh scene, does it show?

    If not, it's not caused by AC. I've experienced this myself when updating prefabbed models from Blender. I expect you'd get the same behaviour without any AC components.

    Check the Unity forums - it's likely this is a known issue. There's probably a better way to get around it, but in my case I've had to replace the prefab with a new one with components copied from the original (AudioSource, Player, Rigidbody etc).

  • No, prefab doesn't show when I drop it into the scene either.

    I'll check Unity forums then and yes, I assume (I hope) that I can copy all the components onto new model and make a new Player prefab and make it work again.

    I think this is Unity's bug generally.

    Thanks for the answer a thanks for the great AC, Chris!


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