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Graphic assets for 2d adventure games

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Hi everyone.

I'd like to buy around some assets for a 2d adventure game.

Something like character spritesheets or static environment/geometry.

Spritesheets like this:

Environment like this:

I tried to search on unity asset store and in OpenGameArt, but I didn't find much (I'd like to buy them royalty free and avoid CC or other open licenses).

Could you suggest me any sites or markets with more things?


  • Gamedevmarket is a fairly new source.

    Obviously if you have specific needs then you Would be better off paying a freelancer/studio-for-hire to do your art/animation as required. If your game outcome is simply a mix-and-match of art sources with no common intent/guidance then it will likely end up looking a very obvious mashup.

  • Yea. I know the issue about different art styles.

    We already have a few assets. I just hope to find more pieces of art that could be congruent with our current art style. Or at least some good placeholders.

    Thank you very much for the link.
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    I Just want to say about the different art styles.. I've got a new 2d asset site up and running with hundreds of 2d assets all by my me.  so you'll find you can use stock assets and maintain a consistent art style across your game. The best thing about the assets is that they're either free or incredibly low priced. 

     I'll be working on it indefinatly if it receives enough support!
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