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Using NPC dialogue anywhere in game

I have a Dictaphone with a recording on it. It can be used anywhere throughout the game. How do I call the NPC dialogue/text from assets?



  • A "Dialogue: Play speech" Action placed in an ActionList asset can be used to run speech from any scene.

    If the speech is coming from a dictaphone, it may not strictly be necessary to assign a character to it, but it's possible to assign an NPC prefab in the Action, provided there's an instance of the prefab present in the scene at the time the Action is run, and the prefab has a Constant ID component with "Retain in prefab?" checked.

    Another way to reference characters regardless of scene is to rely on player-switching instead. With this option, you can assign any number of Player characters in the Settings Manager, and then reference them via drop-down in Actions. They don't need to be actually controlled by the Player to be useful.

  • edited February 2021 player-switching method would be the one I require but using the play-speech action doesn't seem to take on the syle attributes of the selected player text colour


  • Does the colour change otherwise, i.e. when referring to NPCs, or when Player switching is disabled?

    What are your Unity / AC versions?

  • Yes the colour does change when NPC's are in the scene

    Unity: 2019.2.6f1
    AC: V 1.71.1

  • I can't recreate this in the latest release. I recommend updating your AC version - if only in a backup/duplicate project, so as to confirm whether or not it fixes the issue.

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