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Requirements of using the same save file in new builds

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Hi, I understand the save files are designed to be reusable in the newer builds of the same game. But are there some conditions we need to follow? Such as the scenes' number and order cannot be changed?

And does the save game files also save which is the previous scene?

Thank you.


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    Scene referencing is the main one, yes.

    By default, scenes are referenced by their build index number. You can optionally, however, reference them by filename via the Settings Manager's Reference scenes by property. If set to Name, their order can be changed - though this'll only apply to new saves made after that.

    Inventory items, variables etc are all referenced via ID number. You can add more to a game and load an old save, but you will need to be careful not to remove anything, e.g. unused inventory items.

    And does the save game files also save which is the previous scene?

    Yes - both the previous scene of the game, and of each Player character (if Player-switching).

    You can get a breakdown of all data associated with a given save file by viewing the Save-File Manager from the Settings Manager's Manage save-game files button.

  • I couldn't find the Reference scenes by property in the Setting Manager. I am using AC1.72.4. Is it a newer feature?

  • Yes - it was introduced in v1.73.7.

  • Hi. We create a new build and everithing is working ok in old savings but the dialogues. We added a lot of new dialogues because we implemented a hint system, and all the dialogues appear misplaced. Can that (the hole new dialogues) be the problem? There's any way we can fix that? Thank you.
    We are using V1.70.2 but customized so is hard to change...
    Thank you

  • I'm not following your description of the issue. In what way are they "misplaced"?

  • Sorry for the explanation, I'll try to clarify it.

    By misplaced I mean that some of the texts (for example dialogue options) are shown as the name of an inventory item or an object in the scene. For example, the dialogues, instead of showing something like this (correct)

    • Hello
    • Bye

    They show something like this (incorrect because it shows the name of an inventory item -rubber duck- instead of the correct dialogue option -bye-):

    • Hello
    • Rubber duck

    We have experienced this problem when loading previously saved games (saved with a former version of our game).

    The main change that we have implemented in our game is a whole new hint system so we have added a lot of new texts (dialogues).

    Thank you in advance!

  • It sounds like a translation line ID issue. Is this occuring when using the original language, or a translation?

    You say you've customised your AC - in what way?

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