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Game state change from Normal to Cutscene in loop


I was upgrading AC from 1.75.4 to 1.75.6
Now game state change from Normal to Cutscene in infinity loop
means I can't control the player unless I click at the time game state is Normal.

Everything works good before the update.
Any idea what can cause the problem?

It happens on empty scene as well


  • Enable the AC Status window from the bottom of the Settings Manager. In the Game window, it will then list any running ActionLists that are causing it to block gameplay. What does it reveal?

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    The action list running are:

    They are running in infinite loop:
    "Cutscene_TurnOn", then "Cutscene_TurnOff", then "Cutscene_TurnOn" etc...

    They are trigger when Menu "Cutscene" turn on \off
    Menu appear type: "During Cutscene"

    The thing is... I'm not running any cutscene

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    Set both of the assets' "When running" fields to to Run In Background - does that resolve it?

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    Thanks, it resolved, but I'm not sure I understand why I had to change it after the update.

  • I'd need to see the project for myself to know why - I can't see anything in the changelog related to this.

    If you have a gameplay-blocking ActionList running when a "During Cutscene" menu turns off, however, I'd expect an issue along those lines - so it's best practice to have it run in the background.

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