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Gather text doesn't find all dialogues as before


My projects has 3000 lines text, but now after using "Gather text" button
it mistakenly reduce number of lines collected to 771 lines.

I checked about the missing lines and they are shown in the action list including their IDs
but when I ran the game and it get to point of "Dialogue: Play Speech" the game being stuck.
After debug I see the missing speech ID is null.

It happened after I was upgrading both:

  • AC from 1.75.4 to 1.75.6
  • Unity from 2021.3.5f1 to 2021.3.8f1

I can't continue developing at that point. and it will be disaster to use "Reset text"
since I have all audio files assigned already.


  • Where are the Actions in question located/referenced in your project?

  • edited August 2022

    They are located in the scene.
    Now that I think on that, last thing I did before it was messed up
    is to change scene to Addressable.

    Now I untick the addressable checkbox from the scenes and added
    them to build settings
    , then I tried "Gather text" and got all 3000 lines back!

    So it has something to do with Addressable scenes.

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    AC relies on the Build Settings to know which scenes to include in the process - they'll need to be listed in there before clicking "Gather text". This is the case whether or not you're using Addressables at runtime.

  • Okay... got the idea with "Gather Text".

    To make sure I understand the right way to work with addressable scenes -
    do I need to remove them from build settings in order to make it work in run time?

    I'm ticking also these two in order to make it works:
    Load scenes asynchronously?
    Load scenes from Addressable?

  • do I need to remove them from build settings in order to make it work in run time?

    No - though you'll want to remove/uncheck them before release in order to benefit from the Addressables feature.

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