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Lost Scene ActionLists


I just lost the contents of the ActionLists included in my scene. Those saved in Assets are still there. The name of the scene ones still appear in the hierarchy but when I open them in the editor they are empty.
I definitely made a mistake. I tried to modify scripts, I had an error in it and I thought I could resume quietly the next day, but when I opened the project I had an error message to which I responded by checking Ignore, and I don't know if it's related but it was after I noticed the ActionLists being blank.
I've searched the forum and in the folders to find where these Scene ActionLists are saved, but couldn't figure it out. I even launched a re-import, but without success.
Is there a chance I'll get them back or do I have to recreate them?
And wouldn't it be safer if I only use ActionLists saved in Assets?

I'm on Unity 2021.3.11f1 and Adventure Creator v1.75.8.



  • Apologies for the trouble.

    If a scene is saved when there is a script compilation error, ActionList data can be lost. ActionList assets do not have this issue.

    As a fail-safe, AC now backs up ActionList data - you might have seen the "Auto-saving ActionLists." message appearing in the Console every so often.

    To restore a backup, click the cog icon in the upper-right of an ActionList's Inspector, and choose Action data -> Restore. Hopefully, the data was backed up in time and can be restored.

  • Thank you, but I'm the one who apologizes, I shouldn't have saved with the error, I could disable it by commenting on it.
    I couldn't find the cog in ActionLists.

    The menu at the top right with the 3 small dots does not give the choice Action data -> Restore.
    If this backup was made, where is it saved on my computer?
    I can recreate the missing actions, it doesn't matter even if it's a bit long, I'm mainly trying to understand and know what to save in copy.

  • I just understood that it was not about the editor but about the inspector.
    And in the Interaction component I have the choice Restore data... which didn't work.
    And in there is the choice to convert to ActionLists assets, I think I'll use that.

  • I have a backup with many of my ActionLists, how should I proceed?
    I convert one by one to ActionLists assets and copy to my project, or is there another way?


  • If you want to bring them in without affecting other objects in the scene, then yes - converting them indivudally to assets and back again sounds best.

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