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All Actionlists where delted

After the last built all my actionlists in one scene where deleted, or rather their content was deleted.

Any idea why, how to prevent? Also I have no idea where to start so tell me what data you need me to share.


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    What are your AC and Unity versions, what platform are you using, and what exactly were you doing at the time? Did you save the scene after finding the issue?

    Were you upgrading anything, and does your project include any other script-based assets or code of your own? Unity can sometimes fail to load non-Unity scripts if there is a compilation error in the Console - is it possible you opened the scene/project while such an error was present?

    If that was the cause, then it may be a knock-on result of a wider Unity issue. I suspect that relying on ActionList assets instead would be a workaround, though naturally I'd like to get to the bottom of this in case there is something that can be done on the AC side of things.

  • hey Chris, thanks for the quick reply, right now I am reworking anything for actionlists assets. Now I think all of your questions are to be answered with yes, and error made adventure creatore didn't load thus it deleted all the action list content in one scene, not in the other trough. Now for the current version of this project, that is to late, and it is to risky so we decided to go the safer round even if that is way more work. I have dozens of selfmade action scritps and also made myy own input functionallity to use it for VR.

    I am using windows 10
    unity 2019.3.11f1
    AC v1.70.2

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    If you're looking to convert existing ActionLists to assets, you can do so by clicking the top-right cog icon of an ActionList's Inspector and choosing Convert to ActionList asset from the context menu.

    What was it in particular that caused the error? I'd like to be able to recreate this.

  • In particular the plugin VolumetricFog2 (which come to think only existed in the effected scene) didn't load at started, thus your Plugin didn't started, after resolving this issue your plugin started but all actionlists where wiped clean, not the conversations trough.

    Yeah good call, I was just looking for a way to turn the conversations action into actionfiles.

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  • Thanks for the details. Such data loss should only have been temporary if the scene itself wasn't saved - or did you not save the scene?

    Was VolumetricFog2 having some issue upon import, or did you make some modification to it?

  • Sorry Chris, I don't remember what the problem was, but I did not modify anything on it. And yeah I didn't noticed that it cleared the data so of course I saved after resolving the volumetricfog2 issiue, if I had noticed it I would have reloaded it without saving. I noticed that when recovering actionlists from an older version of the project.

  • To update: I have been able to recreate this, both with AC and without AC. It appears to be an issue with Unity, and I have submitted a bug report to them.

  • I just had this bug happen while messing around with that post processing script I had been working on. Unfortunately it went through all the actions in a particular scene and deleted them. "An empty action was found and was deleted" x20
    Fortunately the particular scene was not overly complex and I DO have a backup of the project in a zip file.
    So if this happens, how do I restore the scene from the backup? Can I just drag the scene from my backup folder into my current project or do I need to do something more?

  • Can I just drag the scene from my backup folder into my current project or do I need to do something more?

    That should be enough - though I strongly recommend the use of version control to manage backups.

    That said, as a result of the discussions above, AC now backs-up scene ActionLists automatically. The frequency of this can be set in the Project settings, but by default this is every 10 minutes.

    To restore a backup, click the upper-right icon in the ActionList's Inspector and choose "ActionList data -> Restore". If the backup exists, it'll then be applied back to the ActionList.

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