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Parameters ActionList

This is definitely a silly question, but I had an ActionList with 2 parameters, which I completed by dropping an item from inventory into a object "Support".
Both parameters are fine in the Support Inspector.
If I add a 3rd parameter, whatever the type, it does not appear in the inspector.

I don't remember if I had made a particular manipulation so that they are in the inspector.
I am Adventure Creator v1.76.0, et Unity 2021.3.11f1.



  • Where in the Inspector are you wanting the parameter to appear?

    Action Parameter fields are type-sensitive, and will only appear if its appropriate to display them. An Integer parameter like Num_Support will only appear above Integer Action fields.

  • Thanks you Chris, your response is very fast !
    In the image above, in the Hotspot of "Support1", in Inventory Interaction.
    In the ActionList, the parameter works correctly, it is to assign its value when dropping the object from the inventory.
    I would like in the Inspector, under:
    ->Hotspot parameter
    ->Inventory item parameter
    there is:
    ->Integer parameter

  • It won't appear there - but you can attach the Set Interaction Parameters component to your Hotspot to configure all parameter values when the assigned Inventory interaction is run.

  • That's great, thanks, it works, as always.

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