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Any updated tutorials on draggables/hinge track?

I am now back again :). Last time, I was using the moveable system quite well. It has been a while and now I am trying to recreate the perfect steps each time. Unfortunately, its not there. I have check my previous projects and followed the same steps. But...when we finish it, the colliders are out of place, the doors/cupboards are also out of place. If I put it on pause and modify it back to its exact position, it works sometimes. Other times, it does not work. Weird.

I want to repeat this process often as possible. Is there any updated tutorials on movables? Particularly, hinge tracking system. Its confusing which end goes which and in the given space, we do not know how to place it in the right way.

Any help would be appreciated. I have been at it for a few days now.


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    Here are some pics to explain what I am trying to say.

    Now you see it. Pic 1 (cabinet) - set up correctly, however, at game time (pic 2), the cabinet is in an awkward position. It swings correctly though. No matter, how I pause the game and reposition the cabinet in it's rightful position, grab its transform component numbers and apply to it after game, it still flips back as usual.

    In pic 3 and 4, the fridge, you can see the draggable box collider out of place. What happened was like above, but at game time, I repositioned the fridge door into its rightful place and saved the transform positions. Applied it pre-game and then at game time, its perfect. So definitely weird. It only works this once. All other doors are not working.

    I recall I used to get these done perfectly every time and had no troubles with them. But now...something's funny.

    I'm using AC v1.76.0 and Unity 2021.3.14f1

  • At runtime, a Draggable object will align itself with its Hinge track's axis - its original rotation while in Edit mode has to be discarded.

    Correcting this is typically either a case of changing the rotation of your model (in your 3D modelling application) to align with this axis, or move the model to a child object that can be rotated independently of the root Draggable object.

    When on a child object, you should be able to check Maintain original child transforms? in the Draggable Inspector to have it preserve the child object's transform when entering Play mode.

    Admittedly this isn't the easiest workflow, but Hinge tracks are complicated by their nature.

    However, the First-person primer tutorial does cover them and how best to set them up. You can find the chapters specifically on draggables here.

  • Thanks Chris,
    Yes, its a weird one. I have sorted it somewhat. I copy and paste my best ones and change the object and change the collider size to fit the object. Its just too complicated to make a new one every time and end up getting it wrong.
    Anyway, I gave your First-person primer a try again as I have gone over it a few times. But this time with the Maintain original child transforms. That was it. Thank you. Now, I know. Its easy now :)
    Jeez the tiniest of things, makes stuff go awry. Need to ensure you get it right. The draggables, the hinge tracks and other tracks are just fine. Just gotta master it.

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