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Crazy lag while editing big action lists. Found the culprit!


I'm posting this in case someone else has had the same problem, knowing what causes it REALLY speeds up dev for me and removes a lot of unnecessary frustration. Editing action lists at 1 fps SUCKS BALLS.

My game is fairly cinematic and due to this I often wind up having fairly long action lists. The one I'm currently working on has 217 actions and I'm nowhere close to finished with it. I've whined and complained before here about action lists getting laggy as they grow, and we never managed to pinpoint what was causing this, and why sometimes, it seemingly randomly wasn't.

It's this easy: If the action list is simultaneously opened in the ActionList editor AND selected in the unity inspector (and the cutscene is expanded in the selector) it will perform extremely poorly. Solution: don't expand the cutscene in the inspector or better yet never click the damn thing in the first place!


  • Yep, there are assets out there that specifically warn you on top of their own inspector when they're active in the Inspector and how that will slow down the editor.

  • Apologies for the trouble.

    What Unity version and platform are you working on, and would you mind PMing me a scene with a typical Cutscene that has this behaviour?

  • Unity 2021.3.7.f1 - AC 1.75.8. I'm on a mediocre Windows 10 PC. You want me to send you just the scene file?

    Thanks for letting me vent some frustration heh. It's not a real problem now that I have a good workaround though.

  • If you rely on custom Actions, then I'd need their script folder, but otherwise - yes, the scene should just be enough.

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