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Player animation continues over after loading a new scene.

AC - v1.76.0
Unity - 2020.3.11f1

As seen in this video, an animation starts in scene 1 but it continues to play after I load up scene 2:

The animations are Sprites Unity Complex, using sprite sheets. From my understanding, the "Remember Animator" component is supposed to remember the "Idle" animation from scene 2 and overwrite the "thinking" animation from scene 1 upon loading - what am I missing?


  • Can you share shots of your Inspector and Animator Controller?

    The Remember Animator component should save and restore its parameter values - even if the resulting animation isn't correct, are the values changing as they should be? Keep the live Animator window open when loading to check.

  • Here are shots of the animator and the player's inspector -




    The "think" animation doesnt use any parameters to start/ return to idle - I trigger it use a character:animate Action. Still, that would usually be overridden by the saved animation state once the game is loaded? (The animator was on the "Idle_L" animation when saving scene 2, but as seen in the first screenshot, is stuck on "think anim" when loading up that same save from scene 1)

  • Yes, Remember Animator should be saving the current state, as well as the parameter values.

    Have a look at the raw Player Data listing for the save file inside the Save-file Manager. Share screenshots and I'll see if I can make sense of it.

  • edited December 2022

    Here is the Player data for both saves:

    Sorry - "Retain in Prefab" wasn't checked in the Animator in the Player Prefab. Checking that fixed the issue.

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