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sorting map size difficulty

I have a scene in my fully 2d game where the player starts off in the far background and can choose to go up a set of stairs in the foreground; which "physically" extend into the mid-ground, but are way higher up in the actual 2d space than the background is. my difficulty is trying to figure out how to make the player resize to fake the perspective correctly in this scenario. if i use only 1 sorting map, the player either gets really weirdly tiny high up on the stairs, or he shrinks and then grows as he climbs them, depending on weather i use 1 or 2 areas in the sorting map. if i use 2 and switch between them via trigger2d, the effect is also undesireable as he just pops between them suddenly- and i get the feeling that matching the size between the sorting maps would be very difficult to do. does anybody have any advice? maybe alternative ways to fake the perspective or set up the sorting maps?


  • It looks like 2 Sorting Maps will need to be involved - this is typically true if you have a given pixel on the screen where a character could be positioned at two different scales, in this case, a little-ways up from the bottom of the staircase.

    It is possible to force a character to a specific scale with the Character: Change rendering Action, but here you'd still want their scale to change with their vertical position.

    The first thing I'd try is to place a Sorting Area boundary at the foot of the stairs, so that you can specify the exact Scale value at that point. Then, with a second Sorting Map, place another Sorting Area at the same Y-position and give it the same Scale. That should help to reduce any "popping" as they transition from one to the other.

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    thanks for the reply! i tried that to the best of my ability from this description, but im not sure what you meant by a "sorting area boundary" so all i did was position the areas of my 2 sorting maps at the same y coordinate, with the same scale value. it reduces the popping but doesn't eliminate it unfortunately because there's still a little wiggle room where the character can move on the y coordinate between the triggers that switch them between the 2 sorting maps.

    if all else fails i guess i can just have the character not go up the stairs physically... it'll just lead to a hotspot that transitions to a new scene anyways

  • all i did was position the areas of my 2 sorting maps at the same y coordinate, with the same scale value

    Apologies for the confusion - but yes, that's what I was getting at.

    You should be able to eliminate the popping further by using the same technique with two such areas, instead of one, positioned at the two corners at the foot of the stairs:

    If both maps have two areas here that have matching scales, then it should be that the wiggle room is gone.

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    ah ok, thanks. that seems like it would work. i'll give that a try if i need to when the background is redone (this is temp art) but thinking about it, it seems like the solution i needed. thanks

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