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Lighting and Dialogue Flow Messed up after Update

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Hi all,

I upgraded from v1.74.1 to 1.76.2 today, and it seems that all my lighting logic got messed up through the scenes :(; might there be an import setting I should tick before updating?

I have a backup stored in GitHub if need be, but I am hoping that I do not have to downgrade back to v1.74.1 in case some features get outdated.



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    Just following up, I also noticed that some of my menu buttons also got misplaced. Additionally, some of my menu animations are not working.

    Not high priority, but I'm wondering how I can avoid this when I update in the future.

    For reference, my unity editor version is 2020.3.17f1!

  • Importing an AC update certainly shouldn't affect lighting - unless you're somehow using the Lighting Settings of the Demo game?

    The same should be true for your Menus - have you made sure your own Managers are re-assigned after the import, and that you're not relying on e.g. the Demo_MenuManager asset for your Menus, but instead a dedicated set of Managers created by the New Game Wizard?

    Though AC updates occasionally add new prefabs and make changes to non-script assets, you're often OK to simply import the /AdventureCreator/Scripts folder. If your game shares any non-script assets, this'll avoid them being updated upon importing.

  • Seems like the menu was a one-off thing! I restarted Unity after the update and everything seemed to be fine. Looks like it is assigned the correct manager (the one for my game).

    The lighting is the only thing though that still seems to be incorrect, but I don't see any "LightingManager" in the Managers folder of my game.
    Would this just be in the Scene tab of the AC Game Editor? Was trying to look there, but I couldn't find anything regarding lighting settings in the game editor.


  • Ahh I found the issue -- so I was using the LightSwitch.cs script -- it turns out that I was using 2D Lighting, so I had to switch the components with and import using UnityEngine.Experimental.Rendering.Universal; instead.

    Thank you for your help! :)

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