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Trigger settings.

Good afternoon. Tell me what needs to be done so that the trigger reacts to other objects, except for the player. What needs to be changed or added in these trigger settings.


  • Triggers can detect objects in one of two ways - either by using the physics system (i.e. Rigidbodies), or by reading the positions of specific objects. Both of these use separate methods of specifying what the Trigger detects.

    The Trigger in your screenshot uses the "Transform Position" detection method. With this option, you need to set the # of objects to detect field to match the number of objects you want to detect, and then assign each object into the fields that then appear.

    The other detection method, "Rigidbody Collision", can be set to react to any GameObject with a given Tag. This may be the preferred option if you have many objects to detect - though it's also possible to use scripting to set the "# of objects to detect" field at runtime.

  • Thanks, all worked well.

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