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Always fit subtitles within screen

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I'm having trouble getting subtitles to stay within the screen boundary:

I'm using Unity UI and have it set to Position above speaking character, and Always Fit Within Screen:

The Rect Transform there is the Panel from the Subtitles UI prefab, which looks like this:

Here's the inspector for each object:

I've tried messing with various components and values, but there's a lot going on between Rect Transforms, Auto Correct UI Dimensions (which I removed according to the manual), Content Size Fitter, Vertical Layout Group, and I don't know how they are all supposed to work together to keep the subtitles within the screen.

My aspect ratio is fixed to 1.78 (16:9) in camera settings.

Any advice?


  • I use these settings:

  • Thanks. Didn't work for me, but I eventually fixed it simply by changing the anchors on the panel to be centered instead of stretched. Still don't fully understand it, but it works!

  • Auto Correct UI Dimensions (which I removed according to the manual)

    This component can be used to have a Menu's position account for AC-enforced screen borders. I'd like to double-check the documentation - where does the Manual suggest it be removed?

  • Ah sorry, it's not in the manual, it was in this thread. I think I misunderstood that it should only be removed if you want a dynamic aspect ratio.

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