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Feature Request: Enable/Disable Game Object


Can you add an action to the list please? Under Object it would be great to have an Enable/Disable action that can take a parameter for the GO name.

Currently you can use the Call Event action which works but you can't pass it an Interaction parameter.




  • Disabling a GameObject causes its references to become lost e.g. when loading a save-game file. It's too easy for newcomers to break things this way, so I'd prefer to keep it outside of AC's official Actions.

    A custom Action could do this, however:

    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using UnityEditor;
    namespace AC
        public class ActionTemplate : Action
            public GameObject obToAffect;
            private GameObject runtimeObToAffect;
            public bool enable;
            public override ActionCategory Category { get { return ActionCategory.Object; }}
            public override string Title { get { return "Enable or disable"; }}
            public override float Run ()
                if (runtimeObToAffect) runtimeObToAffect.SetActive (enable);
            #if UNITY_EDITOR
            public override void ShowGUI ()
                obToAffect = (GameObject) EditorGUILayout.ObjectField ("Object:", obToAffect, typeof (GameObject), true);
                enable = EditorGUILayout.Toggle ("Enable?", enable);

    A tutorial on incorporating parameters into custom Actions can be found here.

  • Would a more "AC Save Friendly" method be to just move the object in to the far distance of the scene somewhere ?

  • That would be the easiest approach, yes. If the performance of it being enabled but hidden isn't an issue, I'd recommend that as a general workflow.

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