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Loads wrong scene



  • Just noticed there are more Player data. #1 and #2 and #3 all say Hub_street

    Scene data 0 - 1, hub_apartment
    scene data 1 - 3, hub_street
  • What's the quickest way to reproduce the issue with the project you send me?

  • edited July 26
    Steps to reproduce:

    Saves made in week one seem to be fine.
    *Open Hub_Apartment
    *Set Global Variable 19 'Level' to L2
    * Set GV 18 'Time' to Morning
    * Play to the street, save.
    * Get on the bus, save
    * Play go into the building and up the elevator, save
    * Load the bus or street save.
    Result: Loaded the wrong scene. On earlier tests it loaded Hub_Office, seemingly a non-existant camera. This time it is loading an empty scene called StopGap. This only happens in the build, it works fine in the editor. It only seems to effect saves made in Hub-Street. Once a save is "corrupted", it stays corrupted in the same way.

    You can skip the minigame with the meter in the right corner with Alt-shift-a .
    You can confirm which scene is loaded by bringing up the debug panel with ctrl-x.
  • Oh I copy and pasted this from earlier, it is happening in editor, not just the build
  • I've tried several times and cannot recreate the issue - both in the Editor and in a build.

    Can you PM a save file that has the issue, with instructions on when to load it such that the issue occurs?

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