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Conversations and parallel action with adding an item to the inventory.

Good afternoon. I have an object, when interacted with, the trigger adds an item to the inventory using an ActionList asset:.

If at the same time the player and the NPC are having a conversation and at this moment the conversation is in a state where it is necessary to make a choice from several answer options, then the item is not added to the inventory.

In this case, the conversation can be called both from the scene and using the Asset File.

The dialogue between the player and the NPC with the conversation is also called from the Asset File.

Also selected option - Interface settings - Allow regular gameplay during Conversations?

Version Unity 2022.3.7f1, Adventure Creator 1.78.4


  • Recreated, thanks for the details.

    It's due to the Trigger not treating the Conversation as gameplay, despite the Settings Manager option.

    I'll remedy this as part of the next update. To fix temporarily, open up AC_Trigger and look for the line:

    if (triggerReacts == TriggerReacts.OnlyDuringGameplay && KickStarter.stateHandler.gameState != GameState.Normal)

    Just above, copy/paste:

    if (triggerReacts == TriggerReacts.OnlyDuringGameplay && KickStarter.stateHandler.gameState == GameState.DialogOptions && KickStarter.settingsManager.allowGameplayDuringConversations)
    { }
  • Thank you. Everything is working.

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