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2D Main player won't walk

It's probably something very simple I am missing here. I followed your youtube example for 2D adventure but my main character doesn't move when I click around. What could I be missing? I am using just 1 image for the character. 


  • In your Settings Manager, is your "Movement method" set to "Point And Click"?  If so, check your Player's movement values (and that the object is indeed tagged as Player).  The lack of animation on your character shouldn't prevent him from moving.
  • It is set to point and click and tagged as Player, but I don't know how to check movement values. Also in your video you said you can delete the player object from the hierarchy list after you drag it to your project assets, but this makes my player not show up at all in the scene. I did have it set as the main player in the Settings.
  • If it's assigned in the Settings Manager, then it should always be loaded in when the scene begins.  Your first post was that you could get the player to move - now you're saying that he's not even appearing?

    The player should be appearing at the position of your PlayerStart marker - check that it's not hidden behind the tree.  The Movement values can be found within the Player's inspector.
  • Sorry 2 separate issues haha, just getting the hang of it. My character started sliding which is great news! Maybe my naming of the sprites caused the issue. It's working now so thnx. 
  • Yes the problem was that I tagged the child sprite of the player as "player". It needs to be "untagged" I guess. otherwise he doesn't move.
  • That's correct - the "Player" tag should only be used on the base object (the one with the Player script itself).
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