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the gui not auto scale for resolution monitor ?

My game for mobile , so i need the gui auto scale for monitor !
how i can do that ?



  • @Sebjorn
    yes i know but i use the Menu of AC , how i can do this ?
  • You can set the menu's Size to Absolute Pixels, to stop it from stretching relative to the screen's dimensions.  But as @Snebjorn suggests, for more robust scaling it's recommended to create your button using Unity UI and integrate it into AC.  A tutorial can be found here.
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    Switch immediately to Unity UI - fully supported by AC, BTW.

    Hope I'm not offending Chris by saying it's now (post Unity 4.6) just a convenient placeholder in new projects, it shouldn't really be used in production grade projects.
  • Not at all - I don't pretend to be on the same level as Unity's dev team.  It was necessary pre-Unity UI, but is definitely more of a convenience when prototyping now.  The newly released v1.48 sorts out a number of lingering issues when working with Unity UI, particular with Inventory items.
  • Just scanned through the release notes for 1.48. You're definitely not on the same level as Unity's dev team - you're miles ahead!

  • Nice thank you all
    i will try with Unity UI !
  • I got +999 red error when i created UI in unity3d
    what i did wrong ? i remove UI the system run ok but when create a new UI it error ......
  • Seriously, check the tutorial Chris linked to - and read the AC manual and the official Unity docs. It's an area where you can really crash the system - at least it used to be that way, might be better now.
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    sorry i got red error because it not remove the UI in hierarchy
    My UI Prefab got missing script ....
    let me try it again ....
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    When you report a red error, please be sure to post the full text itself from the console - we can't help unless we know the exact problem you have.
  • Thank you it work !
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    sorry but when first start it well , but when i start again it got the error script is missing in prefab
    i use unity Unity 5.1.3f1 (64-bit)
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    i checked with unity version 4.6 it work ( the script not missing)
    but in version 5.1.3 script is missing
    i will try with unity version 5.2.0
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