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  • Ok i just solved! Here is what i did. If i click on Grace sprite in my scene, an animator controller is correctly assigned. If i select it in Prefab view, it wasn't! I attach pictur: (Image)
  • Hi, here is my update. 1) i noticed that the Player in scene can have different settings from the prefab in directory! For example, clicking on Grace player in the Scene list i had capital letters (Idle, Walk etc), clicking in the prefab in director…
  • `Animator is not playing an AnimatorController UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace () AC.AnimEngine_SpritesUnity:PlayCharAnim (string,int) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Animation/AnimEngine_SpritesUnity.cs:992) AC.AnimEngine_Sprite…
  • (Quote) Prefab and animation names in the animator are the same. In fact, if i toggle player switching, anything works correctly. Both animation and moving I tried to create a third, simple player, with only one sprite without animation just to test…
  • removed rigid body and did not work :(
  • Strange, i have tried many times, checked now and my names are the same, with capital letters and not working. Look; (Image) Also, the Guard hotspot has a Collider reduced and Character evasion is disabled in my navmesh
  • In the sample scene sent, you'll find the guard hotspot box collider disabled, re-enable to see the issue occur
  • Renaming did not solve. This occur with player-switching enabled when using Grace only. I have a beginning scene where you switch player before starting. Even if i start from the scene with Frace as default player, won't work. I'll send you all, sce…
  • forgot to mention, yesterday i updated to latest Adventure Creator asset
  • Hi, i've sent 2 videos, one with player switching enebled, one off. When the player switching is off you can see Grace moving and animating correctly There are no actions affecting animation. I put screenshot of animator: (Image) Here is the root…
  • Ok found first issue. I disabled the box collider 2d from Guard Hotspot and now i'm able to pass and blocked by the next hotspot collider. That's weird. However animations won't work. Look at the console, above all the sentence "Cannot play an…
  • Dear Chris, i've sent an emal/we transfer with 2 videos attached with object "Secon player issue" Thanks in advance
  • here you are: (Image) (Image)
  • Thanks for your precious support. Good idea, i tried and can confirm that disabling Multiple Players and using that prefab everything works correctly... :neutral: As soon as i can i send you pics, but at this point shouldn't be something related to…
  • Ok done! i used the record button and now works :)
  • yt say "sprite missing" but the sprite is there... (Image)
  • Thanks for your suggestion but did not work :( Made a UI menu, created button, choosen animated, created animator controller but animation is not working... Also in animation preview nothing moves
  • Hi, i'm trying to achieve the same. Would need animataed sprites in some menus (like Character selection) but i didn't find any "Animate?" option anywhere. How can i put an animated tecture for example on a button? Thanks
  • 1.76.1 is the ac version * 0.374 -0.793 -0.6 the position (startcam) parented to "game_cameras" 0.08 0.99 0 parented to Cameras (0 0 0)
  • Thanks!
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