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  • Everything is fine. But how to remove a big step in animation? The texture goes over the edges.
  • Thank you) all good)
  • I did: Add it as the new "Show Hotspot Icon" component to any GameObject in the scene. Everything seems to be fine. But what can be done so that you can add animation, and not a static picture and along the axis Y ? I will have like eyes (…
  • wow. thank you! Can you tell me where to put this script?
  • Hi Chris. I completely got rid of the mouse, but how can I make the icon above the object light up when an object approaches? I set everything up according to your lessons, with the mouse everything works when you hover over an object, but how to do…
  • The question is closed. Solved this problem. First, I created a canvas / then set it up for the camera and only then moved the image to it. Maybe someone will come in handy. ;)
  • Wow. you helped me :) I created cutscenes an "Intro" scene a add Engine/Wait Continue Scene/Switch name scene "menu" Thank you ))
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