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  • Thanks Chris, as soon as I removed the remember transform component on the child the error is gone. I replaced it whit a remember visibility.
  • Thanks a lot Chris and sorry for my late reply. Actually I was just searching a way to change skin via Action but I'm not a real coder so I just try to copy and paste and see what happen. Anyway thanks again, you are always helpful with your answers!
  • Hey Chris, thanks a lot for the suggestion. I'll give it a try
  • I also noticed a strange effect: if I use the player without the script (to change skin) the animations are corrects, but when I use the script it seems some parts of the animations are broken such as keyframed image order and visibility keyframing.…
  • ahhhh! thanks so much and sorry... I didn't think "enter" was the problem... now it works (it worked also before but I didn't know...) There's just a thing I don't understand, if I choose #4 skin I can see 4 text field where I can write do…
  • My action: The player prefab The spine object inside the prefab T…
  • Hey Chris, thanks for the answer, I've tried but I got this message "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Spine.Skin.AddSkin (Spine.Skin skin) (at Assets/Spine/Runtime/spine-csharp/Skin.cs:67) SkinSetter.…
  • Thanks Chris, I'll try to fix it, I just uploaded the new version of AC and so I hope to manage all.
  • Hey guys, thanks for the great work, I'm trying to use the script you made but I'm a bit stuck... I successfully import the scripts, I attached the SkinSetter to the child component of the main player, I added the skins name in the array but it does…
  • Ah thanks Chris, I'm actually using the hotspot label as Unity UI. I have to figure out how to manage it.
  • Hey Chris, thanks for the answer, it's for a 2D game and I'm using the player switching. I just disabled the Auto-sync hotspot state and it's working! Thanks a lot
  • Hey Chris, thanks a lot. I wrote the code you told me and now it works properly.
  • Thanks for the answer, so I have a button to reset the game and send the player to the main scene. From the main scene I have a "new game" button to start the game. Few other details: 1. When I start the game I play a video 2. I have two k…
  • BTW I also tried to use "Dialogue: Stop speech -> Stop ALL and force off subtitles"... but I still see the cutscene dialogue
  • @ChrisIceBox thanks for the welcome!
  • Wow @ChrisIceBox ! Thanks a lot, I followed your suggestions and everything works perfectly. Arigatou!

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