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  • Hi sorry for extremely slow reply. I will have to get back to you, time constraints are killing me atm. Cheers
    in Inventory Comment by klarax October 2016
  • Version 1.51g Let me try this again XD I mean what AC does by placing the ui's in the scene and then turning them off. When i load a scene - call it scene A (has inventoryui in scene but turned off)Going to next scene - call it scene B (has invent…
  • It does work. Thing is, when the save game is loaded, screen goes black, there are way to stop is going black while its loading? Tried this other way - having a new scene and loading game that way, but soon as code is ran, black screen. does the …
    in Load Comment by klarax August 2016
  • Hi Chris In my load scene i have this   public void Start()    {            //  slot = AC.GlobalVariables.GetIntegerValue(61);         print("A");        AC.SaveSystem.LoadGame(1);        print("B");    } It doesnt seem to loa…
    in Load Comment by klarax August 2016
  • Thanks, yeah the variable is correct. I will have a look into that load.
    in Load Comment by klarax August 2016
  • Hey, So do the connections in the menus look ok? To me it does, and have same issue with controller support with the connections, but thats not a concern right now anyway. I got an idea on how to get this working, but would need your help XD A var…
    in Load Comment by klarax August 2016
  • I migrated away from AC loading screen as the situation was not right for it. Now using my own.
    in Load Comment by klarax August 2016
  • Little update: I noticed that there is a checkbox that says Load when clicked on, of the save-list under the load part of a menu. So i did that, and got it so a variable is stored (depending what load slot was clicked) and then camera switches (has…
    in Load Comment by klarax August 2016
  • Nevermind I got it working. PlayerInput.cs  line 1414  -> added * invert (where invert is set on Awake)
  • i was going that route, but for the life of me, couldn't find the code to change the invert checkbox in the Input Manager at runtime. Happen to know it?  XD btw, i cant find a FirstPersonControlPlayer in my project. I have: FirstPersonCamera FirstP…
  • i wrote a custom script that when clicking the button, it changed the scale of panel in y from 0 to 1. but only works when 'pause game when menu is on' is not checked. so it changes position, otherwise it wont move as game is paused. Have a look …
  • use print(STUFF HERE) to see what is in the variables before you do the math. and after etc. try to see whats going on - the wonderful world of debug awaits XD p.s. you might have to do some casting from strings to floats and vice verser
  • you would probably do something like: float v1 = AC.GlobalVariables.GetFloatValue(13) float v2 = AC.GlobalVariables.GetFloatValue(21) float v2 = v1 + v2;AC.GlobalVariables.SetFloatValue(EnterYourVariableNumber, v3) something along those lines
  • Im confused to what you are asking, but it can be done for both 2d and 3d, and the parallax is easy to code to follow mouse even if its not a standard AC thing.
  • I moved the playerstart to way off screen, with a very small navmesh around him (so no errors occured), then its just a case of changing the original menus. This is for 2d. What i did for 3d was the same thing, move player out of the way, and then …
    in Start Menu Comment by klarax August 2016
  • Amazing work!!!  - this functionality is really really good :) Thanks
    in few things Comment by klarax June 2016
  • :/ I am using 1.52 screens trigger calling the camera switch (Image) camera setup the animation just spins the camera 180 in Y. very simple
    in few things Comment by klarax June 2016
  • haha thanks, me too XD
  • nevermind, im staying on old version until new project. 
  • Thanks :)

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