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  • Wonderful art! Tough subject, though.
  • I would like to buy you a beer, too, if you ever happen to come to Hamburg, Germany.  :-) Enjoy your vacation! Cheers, orrence.
  • I really like the idea for the story and I think it looks good, too. So good luck from me as well! Just backed it with 5£. Cheers, Orrence.
    in Calm Waters Comment by orrence July 2015
  • If you are working with Windows, use the "Snipping Tool" to make screenshots, it's integrated in Windows 7 and 8. Don't know about Mac. Cheers, Orrence.
  • Does anybody know when the "Level 11" monthly subscription will be available for users of the personal edition?
    in GDC 2015 Comment by orrence March 2015
  • Hi brad, I think your best bet is to set up a version control system for the AC source code, for example like described here: I think @Guran here in this forum has set it up successfully, s…
  • There is a typo in the blog URL: it says "storybeats" instead of "storybeasts". That's why you got that wrong page, @hedgefield. That picture looks great, I wish I could draw backgrounds like that. Looking forward to meat Simon …
  • I would like to endorse 10FingerArmy's proposal, because this is such a common case and it would be cumbersome and unnecessary time and effort if all the hundreds of users would all have to go through the 4 steps you suggested in your post. I think…
  • @Teirdalin : You wrote in a previous post: "Sure, if I get A* working with AC I'll make it into a sort of compatibility asset and post it somewhere around here." So what about it, were your efforts crowned by success? Cheers!
  • Too little information for anybody to help, please elaborate. What exactly does "run through the logic" mean for you? What "issues" are you talking about? If you don't describe HOW you use it, how is anybody (except you) suppose…
  • Have you attached the appropriate script to the gun model? (I think it is called Movable.cs or maybe Movement.cs, I don't know from the top of my head and can't look it up right now). If you do, it will show up in that selection window ... Cheers, o…
  • Actually, after reading all recent posts, the way to go seems to delete AC folder completely and reimport 1.33b. If your problems still persist, re-post the errors you get after having imported 1.33b from scratch. Good luck, orrence.
    in 1.33 Comment by orrence May 2014
  • You have to rename the file "RuntimeVariables.cs" to "GlobalVariables.cs" if Unity does not do this automatically for you on update of AC.
    in 1.33 Comment by orrence May 2014
  • This tutorial might help (if I understood correctly what you are trying to achieve): Good luck! orrence
  • I think activating your effect when one camera becomes the "main" camera and deactivating it when some other becomes active should be possible. You would have to write a script for that activation/deactivation, though.
  • If you can't do the complicated stuff, stick to the easy stuff or learn how to do the complicated stuff. Please don't expect others to write your code! Chris already politely pointed you in the right direction ...
  • What exactly did you do? What exactly happend? What does "is not working" mean in this case? If you provide so little information, it is impossible for the rest of us to help you. Again, please elaborate ...
  • Thank you so much, skitt2501! Using clear parent did the trick. Hadn't found that option while trying to figure it out. Local coordinates instead of global ones, that was what resulted in such confusing behaviour. So, now I have only 999 challeng…
  • Read That Fine Manual (tm). It is described in Section 9.2 "Managing Translations" Good luck!
  • Patience, Sparta, patience! Buying an AC license does not include a 24/7 Service Level Agreement with response time <24h ... Work on something else while waiting for someone (maybe Chris) to help for your particular problem. Cheers, orrence.
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