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  • Hi Chris, thanks again for the fast and helpful answer! After following your advice and setting the Movement Method to None and adding the Basic Camera component to the camera, the movement works as expected. Thanks for the hint! I start to grasp …
  • Thanks for all the info! CMF has its own first person camera and camera control. I tried just attaching the Player component (Motion Control := Manual) to the CMF character controller (as set up in their original asset; including camera and camera …
  • You were right, Opsive's character controller is way to bloated if you just want a simple first person adventure game (and the version that I own was recently deprecated). I moved on and use now Character Movement Fundamentals in the character cont…
  • Yes, I use the First Person demo scene of the UCC integration package. Sorry for being so vague! I just checked and you are right: this doesn't seem to be an AC problem, because the movement is handled by UCC... The Airborne state is set on instead…
  • Hi! Thanks for welcoming me. I use the first person demo (which doesn't use a model or an animator). As far as I can tell, this demo doesn't use an ability to move. Please correct me if I am wrong! Is it possible to deactivate the AC movement via …
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