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  • It’s been 3 days since my original problem and I fixed it. I had to open the the timeline from the director, and for each camera in the main camera track, I had to bind it in the inspector!
  • For the child 2 with animator. How would I make it animate during walking and running when the parent has all the player components for this. Also, would I use child 2 for the animation in the timeline, or root, and if so, how?
  • I managed to fix it by rotating every individual body part 180 degrees to the back! This worked because my animations are not one way, and it does not matter which direction they are playing from. However for future reference, how would I fix the pr…
  • Could you try fixing it on your end and then directing me. This is the blockbench model: And I have already posted the unity plugin/asset used to import it, in order to i…
  • I have attempted controlling child gameobject rotation values. However I would I apply the character controller for the animations, as the animations do not play if they are not on the main object with the parts inside of it itself! Sorry for the l…
  • Wow, some of the fastest support ever, specially for a unity asset. Props to you. Anyways, back to the problem at hand! Yes this is a 3D game. Anyways, How would I check the direction they face, I am extremely new to Adventure creator and unity as…
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