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Set Component Variable Bool as Parameter through ActionList

Unity: 2019.3.9f1
AC: v1.70.4

I'm having trouble finding a dropdown within an ActionList to change a component variable passed through a parameter.

Here are my steps:

-Made the Component Variable Bool on GameObject Zombie Girl called ZombieAlive set to TRUE:

-Created ActionList Asset Monster - IsAlive:

-Set Interaction Parameter for Monster - IsAlive to Zombie Girl and Varible ZombieAlive:

-Finally in the ActionList Asset I am trying to find the dropdown to set ZombieAlive through Monster - IsAlive to FALSE, but appears to only let me set it to another Variables value.



  • A Component Variable parameter stores a reference to the variable itself - not the variable's value.

    The ActionList: Set parameter will change which variable it refers to.

    To change the variable's value, use the Variable: Set Action, and override the Variable field with the parameter.

  • Ah right. Excellent. Makes sense now. Still getting my head around Parameters.

  • I just removed/deleted one of my Parameters from an ActionList and I'm now getting the error:

    The 'Variable: Check' Action halted the ActionList because it cannot find the Component Variable with an ID of 0
    (From Action #2 in ActionList 'Trigger')

    This is referencing a Parameter that is still there in the ActionList, but I guess has been given a new ID no. since the deletion of the other Parameter and so cannot be found. Is this a bug?

  • edited April 2020

    Follow up, I think it was a bug, since dragging in the required GameObject again to define that Parameter, stopped the error.

  • edited April 2020

    IDs should remain as they are if another is deleted.

    Can you share steps to reliably recreate the issue?

  • I can't remember exactly how I got there. If I come accross it again I will post here.

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