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TriggerExit Parameters not showing up in Trigger Set Parameters

Unity: 2019.3.9f1
AC: v1.70.4

Hi there,

As you can see in the image I have both Trigger on Enter and Trigger on Exit components attatched to my Trigger, each triggering their own ActionList. However only the Parameters from the Trigger on Enter are showing up in the Trigger Set Parameters. How can I set Parameters for the Trigger on Exit as well?


  • Currently it only applies to the first-found Trigger component. I'll need to consider how multiple components might be catered for.

  • Ok thanks. My way of arranging this is now to have all the parameters defined in Trigger Gameobject. Then at the start of the attached Trigger ActionList, to pass those parameters to parameters in any other ActionLists which require them.

  • A "quick hack" in the meantime would be to open SetTriggerParameters.cs and replace line 55:

    if (trigger == ownTrigger && trigger.source == ActionListSource.AssetFile)


    if (trigger.gameObject == ownTrigger.gameObject && trigger.source == ActionListSource.AssetFile)
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