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Swapping cursor for arrow - scene switching indication

Is here a way to change the cursor when indicating a scene switch?

sorry if this has been asked before. I did search the forums and look in the documentation



  • Yes - though it depends on your interaction method. What are you currently using?

    For Choose Interaction Then Hotspot or Choose Hotspot Then Interaction, you'll get an additional Hotspot field named Single 'Use' Interaction?. Checking this will allow the cursor to change to that interaction's cursor icon.

    Depending on your interaction method, you may also need to check Change cursor based on Interaction? in the Cursor Manager.

  • Ok thanks Chris. I think I've got it.

    For anyone searching around: Here's how to set a scene switch cursor.

    1. Go to AC editor
    2. Cursor Manager
    3. Create new Icon
    4. Add Graphic
    5. Go to the hotspot inspector
    6. Click 'Single Use Interaction'
    7. In the Use Interactions options. - Select your cursor from the dropdown box


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