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First person camera moves at the same speed at all times regardless of mouse movement.

Hello again. I don't know if it's because of a version difference, but after following the First Person tutorial, I have a walking first person player, the cursor is togglable, the camera moves, but it seems to only be able to rotate at a single speed, regardless of how I use the mouse. (wether I move it slowly or quickly, the speed is the same). I tried changing the camera settings and movement settings (like the acceleration) but didn't manage to fix this. It's probably something I overlooked again but I have no idea what.


  • What's your AC version and "Input method"?

    Input speed should be based on the input settings defined for the "CursorHorizontal" and "CursorVertical" inputs - how are these set up?

  • Ah I thought I had the latest version but there was another one recently I missed.
    Also, now instead of creating new inputs, I replaced the existing Mouse X and Y with the Cursor inputs. It works now so I think it was the default input settings doing that.

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