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Music when Load

Every time I start a scene I put a crossfade music, and works very well, if I start a new scene it has a fade in effect, if I change change scene and it has the same music you can't hear any difference and it keeps playing. Perfect!

My problem is when I use the Load option, first I want to start the music at beginning and not where the music were when I saved it. Second I want that same crossfade effect.

What I tried to do was stop the music with a fade out when hit the button Load. Works well...
And I create an Onload Action that stops the music instatly and after that I run the Crossfade.
It worked but... when the scene starts for a brief moment you can hear the music playing.

Any idea?


  • The music data will be resumed automatically - and stopping it instantly will cause any crossfade attempts to be ignored since there's nothing to crossfade from.

    To get around this as a "quick hack", you can open up StateHandler.cs, and comment out the following line:

    music.LoadMainData (mainData);
  • Perfect! It worked! Thanks!

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