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AC Edited Scripts and Variables Reset

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  1. I updated the AC, but had forgotten that I had edited some scripts. Obviously I lost my changes, luckily there were not many and I redid the changes.
    Is there any smart way to know the changes I made when I update the ac a next time?

  2. Another stupid thing I have been doing is releasing broken builds because I forgot to return the local and global variables to the state that should be started. I know that have the Preset option, but it just work in Runtime and mostly of the time I want to start the scene with the variables changed. Any idea what can I do?


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    For my question 2, I figure out a way, I don't know if a good idea, but it works, if you have a better idea I want to hear.

    I assigned a button in my case "R" inside a #UNITY_EDITOR that call an ActionList to Engine: Reset Scene

    So I press play do the bulk-assign and press R.

    Edit: It only works for global presets, for local when I reset scene it reset the variable as well.

    1. You can use version control to track changes made to your project. I'd recommend this regardless of whether or not you make changes to AC's scripts.

    What changes were you making? Perhaps it's possible to make them non-invasively, either through overrides or custom events.

    1. If you're changing variable values outside of runtime, then those will be assumed to be the defaults. You can, however, use a Variable: Assign preset Action in either your "ActionList on start game" asset, or in a scene's OnStart cutscene, to set them to your intended values when testing.
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