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Generate Hotspots using Unity Editor Script, Examine and Unhandled Inventory buttons problem

Hi, I'm using Unity Editor Scripting to dinamically create a new scene from scratch.
I have some trouble adding Hotspot Interactions.
I'm following these steps to create an hotspot:

1) Instantiate a gameobject, attaching to it a Hotspot Component
2) Instantiate a gameobject, attaching to it Interaction Component for "Examine interaction"
3) Instantiate a gameobject, attaching to it Interaction Component for "Unhandled Inventory interaction"
4) Instantiate a gameobject, attaching to it Interaction Component for "Use interaction"

Steps 2,3,4 are done by using these piece of code:


    //ac_hotspot_component.useButton = new AC.Button();
    ac_hotspot_component.useButton.faceAfter = true;
    ac_hotspot_component.useButton.playerAction = AC.PlayerAction.WalkToMarker;
    ac_hotspot_component.useButton.interaction = hotspot_Use_CS;
    ac_hotspot_component.useButton.isDisabled = false;

    //ac_hotspot_component.unhandledInvButton = new AC.Button();
    ac_hotspot_component.unhandledInvButton.faceAfter = true;
    ac_hotspot_component.unhandledInvButton.playerAction = AC.PlayerAction.WalkToMarker;
    ac_hotspot_component.unhandledInvButton.interaction = hotspot_UseInv_CS;
    ac_hotspot_component.unhandledInvButton.isDisabled = false;

    //ac_hotspot_component.lookButton = new AC.Button();
    ac_hotspot_component.lookButton.faceAfter = true;
    ac_hotspot_component.lookButton.playerAction = AC.PlayerAction.WalkToMarker;
    ac_hotspot_component.lookButton.interaction = hotspot_LookAt_CS;
    ac_hotspot_component.lookButton.isDisabled = false;


When I inspect the Hotspot it miss the "unhandled" and "examine" behaviour.
If I click to the "+" buttons then the interaction appear correctly configured as you can see in the video attached.

Why these 2 actions are not visible like "Use" one?

Am I missing something in the code?

Thx in advance.


  • Welcome to the community, @nova1337.

    You just need to update the Hotspot component itself with:

    ac_hotspot_component.provideLookInteraction = true;
    ac_hotspot_component.provideUnhandledUseInteraction = true;

    Its entry in the Scripting Guide can be found here.

  • Thanks! Happy and glad to be here.

    The solution provided worked!

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