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How do I update AC?

My Current versions:
Unity: 2019.3.9f1
AC: v1.70.4

This should be obvious, but well, I can't work out how. This is what I have tried:

  • I open my project in Unity.
  • I go to tab "AdventureCreator -> Check for Updates" and I click.
  • Window pops up saying "Update available! New version: 1.71.2. Download?"
  • I click OK.
  • This takes me to a Asset Store page saying "404 - This page has moved
    Please visit this **link ** to see the page on our new website."

  • I click the link, which takes me to the AC asset page.

  • I can't see any Update option, so I click Open In Unity.
  • Package Manager opens in Unity
  • Again, no option for Update and the AC package version available is 1.71.3 this time.
  • I click Download, then Import.
  • The import package only lists the 2d demo as "new". This is something I didn't install last time.
  • Why are no other components listed as New if this is an update?
  • That's where I stopped as it looks like I'm just going to import that package over the top of my current version and I don't know if that is how an update is done.

I don't want to mess this up, please help me out.


  • First off, back up your project so that you can always revert back if you need to.

    Thanks for the 404 warning - the true URL link is:

    With 2019.3 / 2020, Unity is going through something of a transition with the way assets are imported and updated, as they're moving this all into the Package Manager. AFAIK this is only necessary in 2020, though - in 2019.3, you can still import from Window -> Asset Store.

    Open up that window and log in at the top-right. Then search for Adventure Creator to bring up the store page, where you can update/import just underneath its name (the blue button).

    Importing AC's full package will import the demo game folders, but you can opt to uncheck the Demo and Demo2D folders if you wish. Other files, such as scripts, won't be marked as "New", even though they have been changed as part of the update - though they will have a checkbox beside them.

    These are general steps to updating any Unity asset, but one extra thing to keep in mind when updating AC in particular is that which Managers that are assigned in your Game Editor will be reverted back if you import everything. This is no problem - you just need to do one of a couple of things because of it:

    1. Either don't import the /AdventureCreator/Resources/References.asset file
    2. Double-click the ManagerPackage file that the New Game Wizard generated for you in your game's subfolder to re-assign your Managers after the import

    These steps are explained further in the Manual's "Updating Adventure Creator" chapter.

  • Have the managers been updated? If not I'll go with option 1.

  • Provided you haven't been working with the Demo's Managers, they won't get updated upon importing - merely replaced with other Managers in the Game Editor window, meaning you just have to re-assign them.

    If you used the New Game Wizard, that would have created a new set of Managers for you - if you've been using those, they will not be updated.

  • Ok, I finally got the time to do the update.

    FYI: under Adventure Creator/About, the version number didn't update until a restart of Unity.

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