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Quick question about NIntendo Switch controls port



  • Just updating everyone... Save/Load now works on Switch. I tried for a very long time to figure it out on my own. The Nintendo forum was next to useless. After breaking things many times over, I attempted to hire a few people on Fiverr (from people with Nintendo Dev accounts) and even a guy from Reddit, but to no avail (REAL BIG LESSON LEARNED, never hire programmers from Fiverr). However, a programming friend of mine looked through all the notes I had gathered and the source and wanted to give it a bash. We hunkered down for two weekends (after we were both fully vaccinated) trying to figure out how this was failing so freaking hard and... Well just as others have said, "Once you know how to do it, it's very easy. However, it is very tricky to understand how Nintendo wants you to do it. It is not obvious, the documentation is lacking and there is no guide/tutorials available." Luckily he's actually a software engineer for a living and about 20,000 levels above me, so he cracked it. We went through commented the hell out of the scripts to explain what we did and what settings have to be set to in Adventure Creator.

    Now that this is working, what would be an acceptable way to sharing this information without violating NDA or AC copyright?

    An ideal method would be to take the script modifications list the lines to copy-paste them over and post them on the Nintendo forums and then post a link to them here. That way someone would have to have a Nintendo Dev account WITH switch access to be able to see the post, so there would be no chance of violating NDA. But since the copy/paste lines would contain some AC code, that might violate AC copyright... So I could perhaps make a post on the Nintendo forums for people to write me there that they want the updated script and then could just email it to them, after verifying they own AC? Eh... Not sure how to go about this, but I don't want to be like... Certain other people I've messaged ahem and if you have a license to develop on the switch, and built a game in AC, then I'd like to make your life a lot easier.

    Rewired works too btw. So... I got controls and save/load working. The only thing left now is to perfect the game arts/text for the store page and give another shot at touch screen controls. Though at this point I'm pretty fine with the directional pad and analog stick controls I have set up and working.

  • Glad to hear of your progress, thanks for the update.

    As for sharing the information: indeed, it's a difficult one. Nintendo are strict about code-sharing being limited to those with developer accounts.

    On the AC side: I'd need to know more about exactly how much of AC's own codebase you had to change. Can you discuss over PM?

  • Sorry I've been hammered at work and trying to get my trailer sequel setup for DreadXP which is due tonight and the Demo ready for October Steamfest. I'll PM you as soon as my calendar clears a bit. Hopefully, I'll have a moment this weekend. My current contract ends October 4th and I'm training my replacement as I type this, so at least I know I'll have a much clearer schedule come then.

  • While the save features and controls work fine there is a slight bug I haven't had time to resolve. Randomly the text box gets stuck on the screen and won't go away on the switch... I'm sure I can resolve it, once I have a moment to look into it. It's totally random, I can sometimes play through the game with it not having and then BAM every other scene it happens, restart and it doesn't happen until I'm 12 scenes deep. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I'll have to look into it. My plan is to focus on fixing it after Steam Fest and post the sequel over since it's using the same version, etc. So I can launch the sequel on Steam, Itch, and Switch simultaneously and also get the 1st installment on Switch at the same time.

  • edited September 2021

    Randomly the text box gets stuck on the screen and won't go away on the switch.

    Are you referring to the Subtitles menu? Is the issue that it appears at the correct time, but won't disappear after, or that it appears when it shouldn't at all?

    If the latter, you can get an alert in the Console and check the stacktrace to learn the cause:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class MenuEventTest : MonoBehaviour
        private void OnEnable () { EventManager.OnMenuTurnOn += OnMenuTurnOn; }
        private void OnDisable () { EventManager.OnMenuTurnOn -= OnMenuTurnOn; }
        private void OnMenuTurnOn (AC.Menu menu, bool isInstant)
            if (menu.title == "Subtitles") Debug.Log ("Subtitles menu was turned on");
  • The issue is that it appears at the correct time, but then just refuses to go away. It's very strange and between work, college, and getting the sequel's trailer wrapped I haven't had time to dive too deep into it recently...

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