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Audio volume go suddenly too low!

Hi! Need some help here! I really don't know what may be happening. I've tried in every possible way, but the sound is barely audible now. The strange thing is that until a while ago everything worked perfectly. But now it doesn't matter if it's "Play music" or "Ambiance" or "One-shot" ... etc. Can't find a way to get the sfx level back to normal :neutral:

Working on Unity 2019.4.0f1 (64-bit) and Unity 2019.3.15f1 (64-bit) and AC latest version.



  • What are your audio levels set to in your Options Data?

    Default volume levels are set at the bottom of the Settings Manager, but your "live" profile's values can be viewed from the "Manage save games" window near the top.

    The values range from 0 to 1 - are they too low?

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    Thank you @ChrisIceBox ! Was the save game. Didn't know that the every change you make will still remain in to the savegames even when simulate in to a new the game preview.

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    Options data is set per-profile, per install of a game.

    By default, a game only has one profile - so your SFX, Music etc volumes will all have one set of values for that PC's install of the game. They'll be independent of save games, so that loading between saves doesn't change the volume levels.

    When a game is first run on a new machine, the profile's Options data will have their initial values set according to the default values set in the Settings Manager. So long as they're set up to your intended values there, new users should find that those are correctly set when they install the game.

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