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Issue with pausing game while in cutscene to switch scenes

I discovered an issue with my project where if I press Pause while a cutscene is running, the cutscene won't finish when pause is turned off and the game resumes.

Case: A trigger with a Pause Gameplay action that starts a 1 second camera fade (wait until finish enabled) -> Switch scene. If I press pause while the camera fade action is running, and then unpause it, the Switch scene action is never called, and the camera fade is cancelled.

I guess it's possible to manually lock the Pause menu on each and every trigger, but maybe there is another way to either prevent the pause functionality or make sure the action is completed when the game is resumed?

I'm using Unity 2018.4 and AC 1.71.2.


  • Ah! It appears that Camera Fade has a setting I've never noticed before: Behaviour when Paused. Setting this to Hold fixed the issue!

    I'll keep my post here in case anyone stumbles regarding this.

  • What was the field previously set to? Whatever it's set to, it shouldn't prevent subsequent Actions from running.

  • It was set to Cancel (which I believe is the default?)
  • That should only cancel the fade - not the ActionList it's a part of. I can't reproduce such an issue. Are there any other details other than those above to recreate this?

  • I downloaded latest AC and recreated the issue in the included Demo. I duplicated the Basement scene and called it Basement2.
    I changed the actionlist on the SwitchNavCam trigger to do a 3 second Camera Fade -> Switch Scene: Basement2.
    When I press pause (ESC), the game pauses and the fade is cancelled. When I press Resume and check the actionlist, I see that the Camera Fade action is still green (active) but the Switch scene action is never reached.

    When changing the Camera Fade action to Hold, the actionlist is not cancelled and Basement2 loads.

  • Great, thanks - I'll follow these steps and see how I go.

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