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Display Unity UI within boundaries

Hey there, I'm changing all the menus to Unity UI menus to avoid screen resolution affecting outlines and text. That is going great!
The problem I'm bumping into is that now Subtitles Menu or Hotspot Menu don't stay within the boundaries of the screen when I approach an edge (as they are set to follow player or follow cursor). The option "Always fit within screen" is active, and I am wondering what component do I need to add to my Unity UI to make it work.



  • Are you forcing the aspect ratio in the Settings Manager, so that you get letterboxing / pillarboxing in the Game window?

    How the Always fit within screen? option works exactly will depend on the Canvas's Render Mode setting, but the principle is that it always works to keep the Menu's RectTransform boundary within the screen's edges.

    Check that the boundary itself is covering the subtitle / hotspot text itself. You may need to make use of Unity's Content Size Fitter etc components to make them resize accordingly.

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