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Sorting map is failing after scene switching.

Hi, I updated the plugin with the last one present in the asset store. Now I have problem with scene switching, it seems that the player is ignoring the new sorting map scaling factor.
If I start the scene alone, avoiding scene switching, everithing is fine.

See the following video.


  • I can't recreate such a problem on my end. What version were you using before updating?

    Best for me to see this for myself. Can you PM me a .unitypackage containing the following?

    • Your Manager assets
    • Your Player prefab
    • The two scenes
  • Where I can check older version ? Is there any file where I could check?

  • Unless you backed up before updating (which is recommended), not really. Can you recall roughly how long ago it was you last updated?

    Regardless, if there's an issue with the current release I will see it fixed - I just need enough to see the problem for myself.

  • Yes I'm actually using Git, so I can easily go back, but not sure what file to check.. I'm just setting up a repo with requested files.

  • Ah - in that case, it'll be the AdventureCreator.cs script file - in /Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Managers/Editor.

  • Ok I found it. I was working with 1.69.5

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