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Instantiate a Trigger 2D that can run a actionlist

I face a situation that, I have to randomly generate some obstacles at random positions. And I want to generate some obstacles that has a Trigger 2D in front of it, so that when the player is running towards such obstacle and steps into the Trigger, the obstacle will run certain animation.

I was planning to use GameObject.instantiate to create both the obstacle and Trigger, but then I realize I cannot instantiate a Trigger with the correct actionlist. Even if I put the ActionList of the Trigger as an ActionList asset, I cannot find a way to change the action parameters (e.g. which object to animate) of the ActionList asset by script.

How may I achieve such effect?


  • Have it reference an ActionList asset, and then attach the Set Trigger Parameters component, which lets you define values for all parameters associated with the asset.

  • Thanks. But how may I set the parameters by script? I don't know what to do after GetComponent<AC.SetTriggerParameters>().

  • It's a closed component - it's intended to be used from its Inspector, only.

    Are the object parameter values you want to assign part of the Trigger prefab? See the new Logic prefabs tutorial video for a guide on how you can create parameter-based Trigger prefabs.

  • I was trying to use 1 prefab to play different animations with different parameters. I worked around by using different prefabs with the parameters set to different animation clips.

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