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Animation state check?

Hi Chris/Forum

Sorry to bother but i'm wondering if these is an action to return the players animation state?



  • The Character: Animate Action can be used to return a character to idle, but that depends on their chosen animation engine.

    What animation engine does your character rely on, and in what way are they being animated that needs them to be reset?

  • Hi Chirs,

    Apologies, i meant Is there a method to check which animation is currently playing?


  • AC.KickStarter.player.GetAnimator ().GetAnimation??????

    Something like this

  • You can use AC.KickStarter.player.GetAnimator () to get a reference to the Player's Animator, but actually retrieving the name of the animation itself involves Unity's own Animator API.

    Actually checking the current animation can be a bit tricky, because it's possible for multiple animations to be playing at once - even on the same layer.

    Some suggestions can be found on Unity forums, see here for example:

  • ok thanks Chris

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