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Camera Issues

Hi Everyone,

I've had loads of camera issues with a few scenes, The camera view is different from the build view

see example,

any ideas?

Would someone be able to run me through setting up a consistent 2dcamera thorughout my game?

Thanks in advance


  • The difference will be down to the different aspect ratios between the Game window, and the build resolution.

    Are you designing the game to be played at a specific aspect ratio? You can check Force aspect ratio? in the Settings Manager, and this will cause black borders to appear at the screen edges whenever the game is played in a ratio that doesn't match the one you specify.

    It's not clear from the screenshots what's going on at the edges - what's causing the darkened area in the middle? If you're not looking to enforce an aspect ratio, you'll have to design the game to work with other ratios - either by bringing the camera in, or extending the artwork either side.

    If your camera scrolls, it is possible to change the minimum and maximum constraint value dynamically based on the current aspect ratio - so that it always limits to the same points in the scene's edges. See this script on the wiki for that.

  • Ok thanks Chris, i'll take a look

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