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Calling the PlayFootstep() function called in animations other than walk & run

Hi. I implemented the footstep sound with the Footstep Sounds component, and the walk and run animations play that very well. But I also have other custom animations that need to play the footstep sound, however when I try to call PlayFootstep() in animations other than the walk and run animations, the footstep sound don't seem to play. Is it by design? Is there a way to work around it?

I am using Unity2019.4.6f1 with AC1.71.8.


  • Yes, by design the character needs to be considered moving by AC for it to work.

    I shall look into making this optional - or provide an alternative function that skips this check.

    However, if you move the component to a child object - i.e. not on the same object as the Player/NPC component - it will also bypass this check if you don't assign the Character field in its Inspector.

  • edited September 2020

    I see. As there are plenty of characters and animations I need to change, I would prefer to look forward to the next AC update. At the mean time, can I easily change 1 or 2 lines of code to bypass the check?

  • Open FootstepSounds.cs and replace:

    if (audioSource != null && footstepSounds.Length > 0 &&
    (character == null || character.charState == CharState.Move))


    if (audioSource != null && footstepSounds.Length > 0)
  • Got it! Thanks.

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