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Question about PlayerController (Timeline integration)


after doing a timeline animation, i noticed that my player was never in the place he should have been when starting the timeline, but always anywhere near and often facing the direction he was walking last (direct control).

So I remembered Chris saying in the Timeline integration tutorial, that he experienced problems when the player had a Rigidbody component, and he replaced it with a CharacterController.

I did the same and now it works great. However, when I accidently used space when moving around, I got a console message, that a character cannot jump without a Rigidbody.

Currently I have no plans on implementing jumping, but who knows ;)

I tried to use both and activate / deactivate what I need, but that seems not to be possible with the Rigidbody, as it has no enabled property or a SetActive method :|

I was just wondering if there are anymore downsides of using a CharacterController instead of the Rigidbody? Something I should be aware of?

I really would like to use Timeline, as it is so much easier to create complex cutscenes than with the ActionList editor ;)


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    AC's own character controller isn't really geared towards platforming, so if you want to implement jumping/climbing mechanics you're likely best off looking into a custom or third-party controller asset and then integrating it with AC.

    It's not entirely clear to me why Unity has different behaviour when using RB vs CC, but Timeline in general can be "quirky" like that.

    I'd recommend sticking to a CharacterController + Timeline for now, and then looking into a custom controller if necessary later on should you need one.

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