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Control inventory with keyboard


my brother and I are working on a remake of Little Big Adventure I. We like to have an inventory system that you control with the keyboard like in the original game - it's basically like this: you open the inventory up with a keypress and then you have a grid with images from where you can select one with the WASD keys. Is this even possible with Adventure Creator? We already have made a custom UI that is connected to AC's SettingsManager, but we can't for our life figure out how to make it work (keypresses doesn't seem to be working inside the grid). And if not, could we write a custom script that can still connect to AC? It's probably a bit vague, sorry for that! But we thought there might be a very obvious way that let's AC integrate it.


  • Yes, it should be possible - provided you've configured the menu to be directly-navigable.

    See the Manual's "Navigating menus directly" chapter for details. If you rely on Unity UI, you'll have to configure which element to select first in the Menu's properties, but bear in mind that how your UI reacts to direct input will be based on the "Navigation" settings of your various Button copmonents. It may be worth first testing the menu using AC as its Source before then switching to Unity UI.

  • Thanks a lot Chris - that helped!!

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