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Multiple subtitle menus for different characters not working after a scene is restarted

I have 2 subtitle menu, both Appear Type set for When Speech Plays, and both using Unity Prefab.
One of them is All speakers except specific characters, and the other only Specific Characters, where they display the dialogs of different characters.

They work as expected when played, but when game over and the scene is restarted by
AC.KickStarter.sceneChanger.ResetCurrentScene ();
The dialog are then displayed by the first subtitle menu, "first" as in the one upper in the hierchy.

Is it a bug or I did something wrong?


  • What's your AC version? I'll attempt a recreation.

  • AC1.71.8 with Unity2019.4.6f1. Thanks

  • Can't recreate this on my end. What kind of characters are talking, and are you involving any custom scripts?

  • The Player is talking.

    No custom script about choosing which menu to use. The 2 menus has 2 different canvas prefabs.

  • I found that's a Player problem. It worked perfectly when NPCs speak. This is reasonable as the same Player character should have the same dialog canvas. I never tested if the Player character is switched though.

    My problem was solved by using a NPC to speak.

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