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Reset all variables except one in particular.


I have 4 buttons (one per chapter) in the main menu. They are associated with a variable so that they are shown only if you have finished the chapter corresponding to each button. In this way, first only the button from chapter 1 appears. When you finish chapter 1 a global variable becomes 2, so the button from chapter 2 is added. The problem is that I need to reset all my variables when I return to the main menu, but I want the variable that saves the passed chapters to be preserved. Right now in the button "return to main menu" I use the preset action list "Quitbutton" that uses the command "Restart Game".

In short, is there a way to reset all variables except one in particular?


  • Set the Variable's Link to property to Options Data, and it's value will be recorded in PlayerPrefs along with other Options e.g. Subtitles and SFX volume.

  • And, of course, it works like charm. You are the best. Thanks!

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    Perfect, now I would need the player to be able to choose to erase their progress by resetting their profile.
    Is there a way to restore the profile properties via ActionList?
    I can only do it via "Manage save-game files" in the settings manager. I can't find another way.


  • If save-game profiles are enabled, you can use the Save: Manage profiles Action to erase the active profile.

    This will delete all associated save-game files as well though, mind.

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