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Regression: Force Aspect Ration kills performance in HDRP.

Hi Chris,

today while profiling I discovered that there was a second camera in the scene in playmode, that cost about 20% performance! Upon further investigating I saw that the option "force aspect ratio" creates a camera, which is the reason for the performance drop. Since HDRP doesn't really support camera stacking, this has an enormous performance impact, and One Idea (at least until you possibly implement another way of forcing the aspect ratio without using a second camera) would be to implement a warning box about the effect of this under HDRP under the settings option.



  • As enforcing the aspect ratio limits the MainCamera's render area, a second camera is used to ensure that the whole window is renderered to, in order to prevent glitching/artefacts.

    Though, perhaps in the case of HDRP it's not necessary. Try commenting out the conents of the MainCamera script's CreateBorderCamera function. Any adverse effects with your pipeline settings?

  • Great, that seems to work and no adverse effects (at least in the editor). Thanks!

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